Colorado Diet Plans

Weightloss ResultsAt Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss, our weight loss programs include three main components: prescription medication, nutrition assistance, and professional guidance.

One of our favorite nutrition assistance products is OPTIFAST.


OPTIFAST nutrition program features great-tasting shakes.  This meal replacement product is the highest quality and meets all nutritional requirements.

OPTIFAST shakes are the ideal weight loss product.  They eliminate the need to count calories or monitor portion sizes.  Plus, all the meal preparation is done for you – it’s like dining out every night!  Perhaps one of the best features of the OPTIFAST program is the fact you don’t have to make your own food choices.  OPTIFAST patients don’t have to worry about the nutritional content or calorie composition of the foods they are putting in their body.

Does it Work?

Unlike fad diets that come and go, OPTIFAST has withstood the test of time.  Over a million satisfied customers have used the product since its launch in 1974.

Additionally, there are countless clinical studies that back up OPTIFAST’s claim of weight loss, improved health, renewed energy, and increased self-esteem.

More than 80 peer review studies have been conducted.  One study analyzed the progress of 20,000 patients.  During the 22 week trial period, patients reported the following results:

  • 52% average weight loss
  • 15% average decrease in cholesterol
  • 29% average treatment of blood glucose
  • 10% average decrease in blood pressure

More importantly, five years later, the majority of these patients had managed to keep their weight in check and improve their overall health.

Many new patients are hesitant to start such a restrictive diet.  However, our past patients report it only took about a week to adjust to the full meal replacement lifestyle. 

Why Does it Work?

OPTIFAST works because it treats the whole person – not just weight management issues.  In addition to shedding unwanted pounds, you’ll also significantly reduce the risk of serious health issues. 

By combining meal replacement shakes with education about how to eat healthier, patients return to self-prepared foods better equipped to manage their long-term health.

Additionally, OPTIFAST incorporates medical support and counseling.  The program also raises awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and ideal physical activity.  The ongoing medical support ensures success at every stage by adjusting calorie levels as the pounds begin to drop off.


In addition to the OPTIFAST products, patients will receive the following services:

  • A month’s supply of phentermine
  • Four office visits
  • Two nurse practitioner evaluations
  • Two blood tests 

This month of services is offered for $99.99.

A week’s supply of OPTIFAST includes 35 nutritious shakes for $115.

Do you think OPTIFAST is right for you?  Get in touch with the medical professionals at Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss to find out!

Disclaimer:  OPTIFAST is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle, S.A.  It was used here with permission.